How to perform best on social media with these smart tricks to implement.

Getaway on social media with these ways and consistency.

Social media is a rollercoaster and has many ups and downs while working on it or using it for your business. As per your need, there are many platforms in the market and got a complex hard the on numbers algorithm to get engagement.

Like Instagram has picture focus content, Twitter has thought focus, and LinkedIn has credibility stuff for professional use and many more in the market. At last, it depends on you how you want to use these platforms to get more audience for your business. Now on the complex hard numbers talking about every platform, let’s discuss the major ways of using these platforms to get better results on average. How to start with your content production and marketing by using free platforms available for all.

Tips to implement on social media content production.

Start with 2 platforms at a time to be regular as a beginner.

If you are starting your business because of promoting yourself as a public figure on social media or marketing any business, first aim only two media stages which you find suitable for your growth.

Like you can start with Instagram and YouTube to promote yourself as a brand with a goal. And Twitter, medium, and LinkedIn for establishing the professional identity or getting long-term clients to establish your business online.

Use 2 platforms is beginning to go far away with it and with little confusion in handling. After building an audience you can go for other choices.

You can use Quora, pocket, Medium, and Substack to gain your audience by writing.

If you deal with 2 platforms you will get these benefits:

. Less confusion and more consistent work with productive time consumption.

. After a time you will enjoy posting about your brand.

. You will concentrate more on less work automatically.

Offer some life-changing content to your audience.

Share content to influence people to change their lives by informing them about a niche, offer them easy tips or content that can be saved for their future use.

For starting your business, define your agenda of using that platform and how you create a unique impression on an individual’s mind to consume your product/service.

So, that you get more sales and respect in the market.

To compete in a variety of businesses, you have to be attractive and consistent and must show transparency to people with a trustful intention. Craft your real-life experience to get more engagement.

Benefits of doing this:

. You will get a unique identity in the market.

. People will find you with help with your style of work.

. Your story will transform into a case study.

Research hashtags that curate.

Hashtag strategy differs according to social media platforms.

On Instagram you get 30 seats on the hashtag to use:

5 with the reach of reach in millions, 5 with 50,000+ reach, 10 with 10,000+, AND 10 with 1000. It means you have to perform with less competition keyword to get exploded in your niche.

On Twitter, you are allowed 2 hashtags per tweet as the content mostly in one-liner mainly about your thoughts.

Example: Use apps to find hashtags that work like flick,,

Adjust your content with trends.

Moving with day-to-day competitions, trends and challenges will keep you active and your audience will find you. If you are updated, people will trust your attention.

Support other businesses and personalities with your page to build relationships and in return to take support from them. You can build partnerships with your competitors online to collect more engagement.

Tag them in your posts or tweet and comment on their work. As you can’t walk alone in the way full of difficulties. Accept challenges and win credibility through that.

Example: Ask for Monday motivation, Friday Feedbacks, and Christmas discounts.

Benefits of doing this:

. You will be defined as an active user.

. You will get a trustworthy audience.

. More sales and business profits.

Analyze and research your niche.

In whichever niche you want to get noticed in public, from branding to marketing to business. The first research on that topic, learn from experts and free tutorials available online. Gain certification and practice to gain expertise in your area.

Google can be your best friend in this regard by providing you with tons of information with just one search. For detailed experience watch YouTube videos of individuals experienced in your field.

Research, learn, and implement to get quick results.

Benefits of doing this.

. It will keep you updated with new skills.

. You will cross hard times with the advice of experts easily.

. you work with experience and certification.

Produce Simple and easy to get stuff.

Produce content that can be easily understood by everyone and is relatable to most people receiving it.

Avoid complex-hard words to avoid confusion and wasting time of your audience. Use decent words to connect with your target ones in great number.

Use high-quality mages and emojis in your posts to express completely what you want to say. Keep the aim of helping people with your service.

Examples: Use Unsplash, pexels, freepik like websites to get images for commercial use.

How to get easy to get stuff:

. Follow other people on social media who are ahead of you.

. Take inspiration from others.

. Use words to connect day-to-day practices.

. Use bright colors like black and white, yellow, and neon.

. Show transparency.

Make videos and do sessions.

After receiving a good response from your content, you can start making videos on YouTube and reels on Instagram like visuals. And can do live streaming to connect with your audience.

Ask for regular Feedbacks, Prepare questions to ask in groups to clear the doubts of your followers. And to make them feel you are there for them.

Show your reality to your fans, reveal your daily working schedule by taking live meetings and workshops. By providing video-based proof, you are giving exposure to your clients.

Take interviews with experts in your sessions.

Follow your inspiration and design path.

Whomever you find is suitable in your way and are performing better in your field and are earning a decent living, take inspiration from their work.

Plan a monthly schedule of working and maintain a to-do list in advance to complete all the tasks at last. 

Listen to podcasts and interviews of individuals who are experienced in your field and want to share their journey to help others in the race.

Produce content beforehand.

To post actively on a daily basis, you have to create your content 1 month or weeks prior to posting them regularly. As it will save your time, planning your content daily.

You can save up this time to learn or starting with other income streams. This will keep you productive and active on social media. Build your audience and clients will trust you to have on-time delivery of their projects.

Take the help of your family and friends to handle your profile to keep it up to date.

Interact with the audience.

Communication is the way to impress clients and build long business relationships for future investment. As in business, you have to maintain bonds with other professionals as you can’t do everything of your time.

Appreciate, Like, Retweet, and share others’ posts to get noticed and for building an active connection online.

Do collaborations and partnerships with brands to make yourself grow fast than the one crushing it alone. On Sunday or in free time with coffee, text, email for business proposals. Ask for feedback and doubts on a regular basis.

Before starting an online business, keep one thing in mind: The business idea comes out of our daily life.


How to perform best on top 5 powerful social media platforms in 2021.


  1. Tweet must be on a daily basis 2 to 3 times a day to become an active user.
  2. Try to limit your tweet between 80 to 110 characters including tagging to make it shareable, but Twitter allows 280 characters to use.
  3. Study your peak time like according to Adweek tweeting between 12 to 6 pm got high insights.
  4. Use keywords with low competition and 1–2 targeted hashtags to increase your insights.
  5. Do retweet as much as possible with liking other’s posts.
  6. Share your website or other social media links.

7. With tweets share attractive images and videos related to your thought.

8. Use easy words and try to ask for opinions. Try ads and pools to get responses from the audience.

9. Include big names in your tweet related to your profession or thought.

10. Set on your profile look professionally to establish your name.


  1. Set up a business profile with your logo.
  2. Instagram is concentrated on catching eyes- click attractive images and shoot dynamic videos with beautiful, smart clothing.
  3. In 2021 Instagram Reel became a well-wisher to catch quick fans for you while scrolling.
  4. Stories and ads must be created to let the audience click on your product directly.
  5. Use your brand hashtag and full 30 hashtags in the row.
  6. Regular posting on a daily basis with 2–3 posts.
  7. Set up highlight covers with your main events.
  8. Tag your competition and do collaborations with them.
  9. Comment on others’ posts and content.
  10. Response to each and every comment or query of your audience.


  1. Find your niche with less competition and do optimize your videos with improving in ranking.
  2. Shoot beforehand to post 2 times per week.
  3. Show your real-life story and journey of your profession.
  4. Write short titles to catch your eyes.
  5. cover big topics in short clips of 10 minutes to engage your viewers.
  6. customize your thumbnail and put your interactive image. 
  7. create playlists of a particular niche.
  8. Promote your videos on social media channels with a short intro clip.
  9. Target a particular audience like specific copywriting in freelance writing.
  10. Share about your living and interact with your audience on live streaming.


  1. Create an attractive page for your brand and a group to interact with.
  2. Concentrate on one agenda of running your FB group.
  3. Posts videos with descriptive caption and do live streaming regularly on weekly basis.
  4. Decide on a catchy brand line showcasing your aim.
  5. Posts include Feedbacks, questions, and stories that will get noticed.
  6. Solve problems of your members in the group. Respond to their messages and comments on posts.
  7. Tag other businesses to increase your reach.
  8. Add clickable links and call-to-action buttons. This will make your audience save on time.
  9. Create clickable Facebook ads and stories.
  10. Give your website link, value, and discounts to your buyers.


  1. Create your LinkedIn profile with a professional picture of you and with work status, background image.
  2. Enter your professional identity by providing an industry description and your agenda in 120 characters.
  3. Connect with your industry experts to build connections.
  4. create a LinkedIn group or become a part of one you want to be.
  5. Provide and get endorsements and new opportunities in your career.
  6. Posts in writing, images, linking to your websites. Make your posts relevant and related to your field.
  7. You can find clients and professional work connections here.
  8. Take inspiration from others in the field to boost your resume.
  9. Text people or leaders to take help and work-related stuff.
  10. Your content must be for a professional cause like hiring, taking projects.


  1. Add various products in one pin to get more clicks.
  2. Select attractive images and thoughts to attract people.
  3. Write short lines on images.
  4. Write a description of 150–300 words.
  5. Let links to your landing page in pins and board description.
  6. Regular pinning with the designed schedule.
  7. Put 30 keywords on your pins.
  8. Collaborate with established brands or tag influencers.
  9. Pot pricing or short numbers in your lines on pins.
  10. Focus on the looks of your pins and their styles.

Botton lines.

Social media is a powerful tool to show your skills to the world. You have to be regular and loyal to your passion to win it over social media.

Every platform has one word in common “CONSISTENCY” AND “PASSION”.

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