11 Tips to make your reels grow in 2021

How to implement reels production in making your business gain traffic.

Instagram reels are acting as a fresh stream of collecting instant traffic in 2021 for your business with 15 to 30 seconds of the video clip. Can share ideas, products, services, and much more innovative talent with your audience quickly.

Short videos are booming the social media platforms after the TikTok launch in the global market and are means of attracting 38% more engagement than still pictures. New businesses in the market are using this feature of Instagram to establish their presence on social media to get clients by just giving a short look at their service.

Firstly TikTok has launched this innovative idea of short clips of 15 seconds and then adapted by other new businesses like MK TAKATAK, MOJ, and Then INSTAGRAM with reels.

With 1 Million monthly active users, Instagram is moving ahead with its new add-up in its app. Instagram is a place for attractive content that catches eyes from beautiful destinations to unseen creations.

It has a picture-oriented design, followers algorithm, IGTV, guides option with like, shares, save, and comment space. And with the new trend of quick clips for a recap of any product or service to compete in the active world of visuals.

And brands/businesses are taking advantage of this feature to boost their reach and gain orders with the immense power of social media.

How you can do it with these 10 easy tips:

1. Craft your story to portray.

Decide and think about your business goal and which value you want to provide to people. In which way you can convey it to the world to offer value. Before starting with promoting for the business, get these questions answered clearly.

How you can build trust with your content?

How you can entertain your audience with your product?

Are you passionate about your work?

If yes, then you are ready to sell your product and earn money. 

Build your storyline with how you started this business and with which goal to tell as a story to your buyer. You have to make it realistic.

How you can use reels in this regard?

Reels must be informative, attractive, to make people save and share your video. You can offer tips 1–2–3 of your business in which you are an expert to teach people without any fee.

Display your product, show your face in reels to catch attention, and professional eyes with music in the background, offer regular updates to establish your presence and build a brand name. This will find clients for you to get work done.

Display answer to these doubts in your reels:

How you can help people with your work?

Show them your expertise and that you are active?

Why should they listen to you?

2. Maintain a cohesive look of your feed. 

If you are providing a product/service or promoting a brand name. Keep your feed with contrasting colors like black and white, peach and white.

And same advice is applicable to your reels. You must use the same color fonts and edit your videos with the themed background. Wear clothes that suites your brand identity to make it professional.

Prefer 2–3 colors and fonts for your profile and repeat it in every post or reel with a logo.

How you can put a cohesive look in your reels:

  • You can put fonts of the same theme in all your videos.
  • Wear attire that goes with your brand color. Choose attractive places to shoot.
  • Edit videos with effects and new trends going on the market.
  • Use apps and Instagram filters.

3. Plan your reels 1 week prior.

Keep your schedule of shooting videos in a day, then editing, research content, and after posting it with a suitable caption.

You can go for 2–3 video shoots a day to post it on a daily basis. Make time to update your knowledge with Instagram tutorials for making quality reels in advance and be an active user. 

As no one can their camera daily to shoot video as a business person there is a lot to do with other work. So, you must follow a planned schedule to cope up with these posting.

To avoid breaks in between posts follow these tips:

  • Shoot on Saturday as many clips you can with a nice attire to attract.
  • Edit on Sunday with all texts and effects to give the last touch.
  • Post daily from Monday to Friday. 
  • While shooting or editing, you can put stories.

4. Make your reels unique.

Display your style while filming your reels or crafting your posts. Take ideas from others, but don’t copy.

Aim to make your separate identity in the eyes of your audience to make them find you interesting to follow and relatable to share your content.

How you can do it:

  • Use video editing software to shoot video or edit it with a high-quality effect like adobe features. Use a camera to shoot or a smartphone with camera quality and stand.
  • Use attractive GIFs, emojis, and images to make it engaging.
  • Add text to describe the situation in the clip, for providing tips, having a conversation.
  • Post-it with an engaging question to make it commendable.
  • Use real-life images and situations in your videos.

5. Use a simple topic while filming.

People attract to those things which find them equal to their lifestyle and like to go for products which are helpful in their day-to-day cause.

So, use your real-life experience in creating your content to make people relate with you and trust your product quickly.

Put daily life problems, in-between situations, doubts, funny conversations, and memes to make your reel catch attention in the crowd.

Text that you write on your reel must be clear, big, and easily understood by everyone on the screen in just 15 secondsapplies. They mostly preferred the black color font on the screen with a white strip in the background.

6. Take part in challenges and do tagging with hashtags to go viral.

Keep yourself updated by watching others’ content on Instagram, follow them, comment on their posts to make relationships. Do duets, go with new upcoming trends to entertain your followers.

Example: Make reels on the latest songs, do trending styles like 20 photos 2 videos, and changing the look with the beat.

Give your boring content a fresh start by following trends and doing new experiments with them to make yourself different.

Tag your competitors in the posts, use trending hashtags like #reelitfeelit, and with very low competition to get noticed in your niche. Like, comment, share others’ content to get a friendly way, and future partnerships.

For hashtag research, use websites and YouTube tutorials to learn how to make them effective.

7. You can display your after-work results-THE FINAL PRODUCT.

If you are running a service business like Canva and buffer, then you can showcase in your clip what will you offer as a service and its final look.

You can show a 15-second package opening video to make transparency with the buyers and show what is behind your packet.

If you are a website designer or a fashion designer, then you can show the transformation from beginning to end product. It will look damn interesting.

Or you must show the working process of yourself. What you do in a day to make your clients happy and best results. I mean you can share your routine with the developing people who want to work in your niche and earn as you do.

8. Take inspiration from experts.

Follow Instagram coaches on the platform for a new trick to apply in your business and trends to implement in your marketing.

Influencers who are much ahead of you can give you examples of effects, poses, work style, and other skills which you want to grow.

Don’t copy-paste their work but take speed, innovation, and a passion to keep your fire going as an ideal.

9. Use other Instagram features like reels.

This a 15 to a 30-sec video clip that can only work to catch eyes in those few seconds and cannot give full information to your clients. To make it work, you need to get support from other features.

what are the required feature to get:

  • IGTV VIDEOS: If you want to give your description in detail on a topic. Use this feature for a long introduction and explanation. You can give a full tutorial with it.
  • GUIDE: With this feature, you can frame your posts or reel in a series like an e-book to scroll down with a single run. Which involves recurring content on a particular topic and sub-topics. It is a way between Instagram carousels and blog posts includes images with a title.

10. Make catchy highlight covers.

Use different icons for your highlights on your profile to show up your important events and tasks.

It is a series of stories to make it understandable to the new visitors on your page what you have experienced in the past work and about your story of a business.

  • memories of your work and travel.
  • Product launching events.
  • Client reviews.
  • Discounts you offered.
  • Personal life.
  • List of new products and services you are adding.

11. conclude your product.

In reels, daily you can also film your conclusion aver a project or a final thought after creating an order.

Give a quick recap of your procedure like a makeup tutorial in fast mode.

Use text that is easy to understand and is small to get attention fast. Make people digest your content easily so that they can repeat your door in the future.

Tools for easy making of reels and editing them.

The best video editing tools in the market with the best reviews are here:

  1. FlimoraGo.
  2. Magisto.
  3. iMovie.
  4. Samsung video editor.
  5. Inshot video editor.
  6. Video show.
  7. Adobe premiere rush.
  8. Hyperlapse.
  9. Blender.
  10. Splice.

How to film your best Reel on Instagram.

Step 1: Audio. choose your 15-second song/clip/voice, which you find the best suite for your reel.

Step 2: Choose your preferred speed to be in slow motion or in fast.

Step 3: Instagram and Snapchat are famous for their new experiments with filters and try environment manipulating effects to give a unique look to your video.

Step 4: Set the timer for solo recording in the selfie mode if you don’t have the camera person and can use a camera stand to do so.

Step 5: Trim your clip with the “left Arrow” button after making the video once you have played it for the right amount of time.

Step 6: Use titles and GIFs which relate to your expressions.

Step 7: Add it to the specific Reel feed and you can now add it to your main profile feed and the guide feature for a series look.

Step 8: Add it to your stories and highlight covers to gain an instant response from your followers.

Trending Ways to earn money from Instagram in 2021.

  1. Lifestyle blogger
  2. Meme maker
  3. Digital marketer
  4. Makeup artist
  5. Business coach.
  6. Motivational coach
  7. online course seller
  8. Fitness coach.
  9. video creator.
  10. Graphic designer.
  11. Photographer.
  12. Food blogger.
  13. digital Entrepreneur 
  14. Animator
  15. INSTAGRAM marketer and strategist.
  16. music artist.
  17. modeling.
  18. fashion designer.


  • WENDY’S.
  • WORK


There are a lot of content ideas and strategies you can follow to grow your online business, but for instant results, you have to go with video stuff like reels on Instagram which are the backbone of many businesses in 2021.

After TikTok reels got the floor to run digital personalities skills and are doing much better than that because of this attractive platform- Instagram has much to offer than just quick clips. People are running their full business from scratch on IG and are earning 6 figures without showing their faces from valuable information and tips.

What skills we need to run an IG business:

  • Canva designing.
  • Content that attracts. Skill to write catchy phrases.
  • Passion to do it daily.
  • Prior planning and a PayPal account.

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