10 trending types of content writing used in marketing your brand.

That will earn money and promote your brand professionally.

Content writing plays an important role in promoting your brand/business online with the professional skills of writing words. In today’s time, e-products and digital platforms are capturing the market because of changing lifestyle of people.

From buying clothes from Amazon to reading news stuff on my smartphone to update myself, everything is running online. 

Taking these things into consideration, writing plays an important role in marketing these products online with engaging words to catch the audience’s attention. With SEO-friendly content and proper keyword research.

Writing must be clickable to make the product famous and can make the buyer trust your service in large numbers. Because everybody considers words because of proof in writing. It must be relatable and easy to understand by everyone.

Here I am listing 10 of the trending performing copywriting categories that generate income:

1. Press release of products/brands.

In this category, new startups release their product information in the market to make an announcement of their product officially in front of an audience through magazines and newspapers.

The press release is not a kind of news article but a descriptive writing piece about a service/product. It’s about promoting business to let people know that some kind of business with a particular name exists.

We can relate it to a new event taking place or a new restaurant opening with introduction and specialization. 

Ex: Introduction of a new Walmart branch opening or any fresh news magazine launching. Can be 100 words and more than it as per the choice of the owner.

2. Blog or article writing.

An individual or a business can design his blog or website based on a particular niche to get his professional presence on google with a domain name to make people indulge with them easily.

Blog writing is a typical realistic experience of a business in the market that depicts the authentic experience of the user and tries to have a direct conversation with new buyers to review before they trust.

If it is a service blog, then it will advise, knowledge, and daily updates like The Huffington Post and Elite daily.

To make it full-fledged expertise to give daily new stuff, they have to give a guest posting on their site. And this will provide a variety of writers like us to show their talent on the internet.

Ex: Elite daily, Addicted2success, Medium, and many more according to your niche.

3.Product description on E-commerce websites.

In current situations of the pandemic when we can’t move outside our houses, online shopping on E-commerce small shops are performing pretty well from clothes to the kitchen.

These online sellers are selling thousands of products daily and have little time to write a catchy description of their products below the image. So, that people can read to get an overview of what was behind the image.

Businesses are hiring freelance copywriters to write a realistic description of their product so that they can win more sales. “written proof is wanted” which people search for before clicking the buying buttons.

People think before spending their hard-earned money and need trustworthy words from the seller’s side.

4. Website content.

Content written on the website must be of high quality, with short phrases that a visitor can read quickly. Includes About me, Services, Contact, Blog, Qualification, Aim, Home page, FAQ, and additional titles as per your business choice.

SEO-supported keywords are used when you write for a website to make it rank on google easily.

Website designers hire website content writers to write professionally to make their traffic stay for more time on their site. And it is possible only if you provide quality content.

News websites need daily updates on their websites.

5. Email marketing.

After launching your product or service, it needs to be marketed to its target audience and we can easily do this with email writing.

As emails are considered professional for pitching clients as a new business. You can go for a business-specific email like your domain. It can be automated on a weekly or monthly basis or can be done manually.

Various categories of email writing:

. Email- ad copy.

. Email sales copy.

. cold emailing.

Business owners who don’t have time hire email writers to make this work done with efficiency to make buyers attach.

6. sales copy.

It can be of any type with a cause of selling products.

. listicles.

. paragraphs.

. Short ad copy with a video.

. stoppable links with ads.

Published in newspapers, magazines, or digital platforms using attractive brochures, flyers, posters are running ahead in this category to make the audience buy their service.

  1. E-books.

After launching e-learning and amazon kindle option for reading books on your screen, E-books attained hype in the market because of their easy access.

People who are interested in reading stuff are much attracted to this option, as it’s affordable and easy to carry anywhere on your smartphone. These are one income stream with less effort. Many writers write books based on products to earn good money.

Corporate entrepreneurs hire ghostwriters to write a book in their name with full rights after paying the royalty of the ghostwriter behind the book.

You will get freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork, providing this service from $50 to $100 and above based on experience.

8. Social media content writing.

The power of social media is inevitable, as it can reach thousands and millions of people in seconds of marketing.

Businesses are using LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to market their products on social media, and for this task, they want social media marketers to get quick traffic.

From catchy captions, bios, descriptions, and ads to hashtags and management, they want an assistant to make an organic audience for their brand.

On Instagram with posts, reels, and story ads. On Twitter with tweets and hashtags. 

In this category, you have social media manager, designer, marketer, and copywriter services involved.

9. Guest posting.

Those websites which are active on a daily basis and want regular content for their readers will have a guest post option for a fresh writer, which offers them featuring into big companies to build their portfolio. Some websites also pay for this service.

Individual submitting a guest post will have different reasons for doing so:

. wants a feature to build credit.

. wants to bring traffic to their website or blog.

. Increase their social media reach.

. wants to market their service and get clients.

You can go to different websites according to your expertise topic. 

10. Creative writing.

It includes a storytelling way of impacting the audience’s minds and printing their brand identity in their head. With the magic of fictional words or engaging stories.

Case studies and fictional books fall into this category, which explains the situation to their buyers to make them believe their product or service.

Some categories are:

. script writing.

. fictional books.

. short movies.

. poetry.

. slogan writing and brand image formation.

 The writer behind this art must be of long-term expertise or have a skill of playing with words that can create a big impact with real-life stories.


“Writing got the power of trust from ancient books to ebooks times,” to influence people in the right way.

No technology can beat the power of words.

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